Men’s Night Wind Up

Men’s Night Wind Up Is not  a public tournament only People who participated in 3 or more men’s Night can enter a team in this event. Entry fee is $30 per player includes Meal Prizes and rangs, Power carts are not included in entry fee.

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Thursday September 21 will be the last Men’s Night due to the evenings getting shorter and everyone not being able to participate

Men’s Night  May 18th Results

Gallus Golf App Leaderboard

Overall Results
First Flight Results
Second Flight Results
Third Flight Results
Fourth Flight Results
Skins #1 Colby Starratt #6 Dave freitag
Proximity Winners
#2 Greg Lambourne
#5 Steve roy
#7 Chase Carter

Men’s Night  May 25th Results

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May 25th Overall Results
May 25th First Flight
May 25th Second Flight
May 25th Third Flight
May 25th Fourth Flight
Skins #1 Shane Sutherland

Men’s Night June 1st Results

Proximity #2  Luke Chisholm  #5 Dave Macgregor  #7 Jim Nelson

Men’s night June 8th results

Gallus App results June 8th

First Flight  Second Flight  Third Flight Fourth Flight

Men’s Night June 15th Results

Gallus App results June 15th

First Flight  Second Flight   Third FlightFourth Flight

Men’s Night June 22nd Results

Gallus App Results June 22nd

Overall  First Flight  Second FLight Third Flight  Fourth Fligh  Fifth Flight

Proximity #2 Jeff fancy  #5 Nick Murray #7 Adam Mceahren

Men’s NightJune 29th

Gallus App results

Overall  First Flight   Second Flight    Third Flight  Fourth flight  Fifth Flight

Men’s Night July 6th

Gallus App Results

Overall  First Flight  Second Flight  Third Flight  Fourth Flight  Fifth Flight

Men’s Night July 13th

Gallus App results

First Flight  Second Flight  Third Flight  Fourth Flight

Men’s Night July 20th

Overall First Flight Second Flight Third Flight Fourth Flight Fifth Flight

Men’s night July 27th

OverallFirst FlightSecond FlightThird FlightFourth FlightFifth Flight

Men’s Night August 3rd

Fifth Flight Aug 3 First Flight Aug 3 Fourth Flight August 3 Overall AUg 3 Second Flight Aug 3rd Skins Aug 3 Third Flight August 3

Deuce Pot Carryover

Men’s Night August 10th

First Flight Fourth flight Overall Second Flight Skins Third Flight

Men’s Night August 17th

First Flight Aug 17 Fourth Flight Aug 17 Second Flight Aug 17 Skins Aug 17 Third Flight Aug 17

Men’s Night August 24th

Gallus App results

1st Flight Gross 1st Flight Net 2nd flight gross 2nd flight net 3rd flight gross 3rd flight net 4th flight gross 4th flight net Overall Skins

Proximity’s Mitch Rutherford Roger Pryor Steve Roy

Deuce Pot #7 Mitch Rutherford

Men’s Night August 31st

First Flight Fourth Flight Overall gross Overall Net Second Flight Third Flight

Deuce pot  #7 Sterling Trites

Proximity’s Tony White Dave Paxton Chris Currie

September 7th Results

First Flight fourth flight Overall Second flight third flight

September 21st Results

first flight overall second flight third flight

Deuce Pot will be carried Over fro Men’s day Finale

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