Ryder Cup

Saturday September 19th & Sunday September 20th

2020 Ryder Cup Format

  • Format as Follows.


Will be split into 9 holes Alternate Shot & 9 holes Scramble.

  • Holes 1-9 will be alternate shot Pinehurst Format. Both players will tee off and then hit their partners ball, then choose after 2nd shot which ball will be in play and finish hole with one ball. Repeat same format for each hole. 1 Point up for grabs
  • Holes 10 – 18 will be Scramble Format. Both players will tee off and then pick shot to use from there and proceed with scramble format

( both players hit each shot). 1 point up for grabs


Singles Matches

– All Matches will be played even unless otherwise decided by Team Captains. 1 point up for grabs


Sep 19 2020


9:00 am - 11:00 am

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